“I’ll just move again then, shall I?”

Leopards are the most adaptable of the entire big cat family. They’ve lived in environments transformed by humans and economic growth for centuries, losing 75% of their natural habitat. But as the world roamed by leopards continues to shrink, where is it they are supposed to go now?

Human Behaviour Leopard artwork


Undoubtedly a favourite print since launch, but equally one of the more challenging stories to tell.  Not all the questions we prompt through our prints have a happy-ending, at least not yet.  Our hope through these prints is to inspire and inform a next generation that realise our impact from a much earlier age - gifting them the time to make drive change.  It might just be one of our young wearers today that goes on to write a happy-ending for this story :)

The Human Behaviour Leopard print is available in a kids Sweatshirt or Tee and pairs-up with our matching off-white or washed-black tapered jogger x


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