Launching exclusively in our Leeds pop-up through December, the first of our new designs from Season Two.  Available across tees and sweats, we introduce 3 new prints to the Human Behaviour series:

The subject of some healthy debate since launch, the Human Behaviour imagery presents a series of visual conversation starters for our young wearer.  Hidden within plain sight amongst a collection of favourite animal friends are visual prompts that might lead to exploratory questions:

...why does the frog have a winder?

infaant kids frog sweatshirt

For our younger wearers, it is about storytelling, using these prompts to start the conversation and introduce potentially new thinking.  What plight is our animal friend dealing with any why?  How might we, and the next generation author a happy-ending to this story?  For our older wearers, who perhaps might have more developed awareness and feelings on these issues, these prints allow us to wear our hearts on our sleeves - letting the world know that we are part of the change.  Let the world know we care.

Across the new prints is a common theme - three very different animals, who sadly, each feature on the endangered animals list.  Why do we present them with a winder?  Because time is running out, and unfortunately we can't just turn a key to bring them back.  It's a sad story, no hiding from that, but the purpose of the print is positive, it is about growing awareness and understanding.  Just maybe these prints will reach young minds today that will go on to drive big changes tomorrow.

infaant kids toucan sweat

What might be a sad story actually has a very positive purpose.  We want this next generation to do better than we did, introducing new thinking at an earlier age to build understanding and a drive for change.

The Human Behaviour Frog, Toucan and Koala are available exclusively from our Leeds pop-up through December.  Explore the wider collection of prints across tees and sweats here.

Big smiles :)

Ry x

infaant kids koala sweat