The emergence of social and web today offers a multitude of ways for brands to reach a global audience.  Founded in Bolton in 1958, the story of Reebok's climb to be one of the most recognisable global sports brands is one of legend in the world of sneakers.  At this time, familiar brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma were already making headway, but amongst the mix in to the 1980's was a UK based brand that took over the US sports world, long before digital was a thing.  Some achievement.

My first memory of Reebok dates way back to 1989 and the launch of a shoe that remains as iconic today as it was back then, the Reebok Pump.  In the final years of Primary School at this point, trainers were becoming pretty important and the launch of the Pump is one that has stayed with me.  The first trainer that I really...really wanted.  Quite possibly it was longing after this shoe that led to a lifetime of sneaker collecting, but of all those boxes currently taking up room at home, I can't say that I've ever wanted a trainer as much as those Reebok Pump again.

The Reebok brand today needs little introduction. Most people will have owned a pair of Reebok at some point - a Reebok Classic, a Workout, maybe even a Reebok Pump, but for me Reebok holds a special place. Today, the go-to is the Club C, which in various guises is a sneaker that I have worn pretty much constantly for some years. Of course, I will deviate with other brands, but the most consistent wear is the Club C. The simple white tennis-inspired Club C couldn't be further removed from that Pump in 1989, but it's a Reebok, and its no coincidence that my go-to today is from the Reebok brand, right?


So, today, being able share news of the launch of Reebok is a special day, big smiles all round.  The Reebok Kids range is great, in the most part made-up of mini-me versions dropped straight down from the adults range.  Familiar shapes like the Club C and Classic all feature, alongside signature styles like the BB4000, which is no surprise given the brands heritage in basketball and US sport.  Today, the brand holds none other than Shaquille O'Neal on its board of advisors which offers an undeniable pedigree.  In more recent years, the Reebok brand has gained new ownership, falling under the same watchful eye and expertise that launched the likes of Off White, Palm Angels and Opening Ceremony - masters at creating the hype.  It's an exciting time for the Reebok brand and equally a great time to launch in store here at


Drop One of SS24 sees a unisex collection of some of the brands classics in kids, junior and teen sizing.  With Drop Two due in the coming week, you can expect a full collection on-site very soon, including the BB4000 Mid and Low, Classic Leather and of course, the personal favourite, the Club C available on-site now from Toddler to Teen (up to a UK6).

Ry, infaant founder x

Explore the Reebok Kids collection here.