Footwear can be a tricky thing to buy.  Each brand fits slightly different and over time as adults we learn which size is best for each of our favourite brands.  For kid's footwear in-particular we want to ensure a comfortable fit from Day One though, right?

The VEJA brand is a best-seller for us in-store, so we have a lot of little feet trying on, which allows us to get a good understanding of exactly how they fit.  Today, we want to share that feedback with you in helping choose the best size.

VEJA is a small fit.  Compared to some other sportswear brands, we would say that the VEJA Kid's, Junior and Teen sizing is at least half-a-size smaller than what you might normally buy.  For this reason, across the VEJA range we would suggest you buy one size-up, or at least half-size.  For those of you buying from us online, this will help ensure a smooth purchase and avoid any need to return/exchange :)

Once the sizing is right, we see a lot of customers coming back time and time again for VEJA - the comfort and quality of the sneakers second to none.  


VEJA is a footwear brand deeply rooted in more sustainable production.  Made in Brazil with headquarters in Paris, the brand looks to innovative new fabrics and kinder ways to produce - offering a growing range of sneakers that not only look good, but are also good to the planet too.  What's not to love?

Explore a full range of Kid's Esplar, VEJA V-10 and Ollie here.  In SS23 we have also launched the VEJA Teen collection with a seasonal colour range of the basketball inspired V-10 in sizes up to a UK6 :)