We first met Founder Danny Broddle in 2004, soon after the launch of his brand, Passarella. Since then, Passarella has grown, stocked globally by some of the most prestigious retailers, including Selfridges, Liberty, Lane Crawford and End. Accompanying its in-store collections, Passarella brought a unique, experimental platform of arts and music, exhibiting in cities such as Tokyo, Beijing, Paris, Copenhagen and London.

Passarella Fantasy Scenes Beijing

During this time, we were a stockist of the Passarella brand ourselves. Our Manchester store in the late 00’s offered-up a tight selection of brands, evolving from denim and lifestyle to include streetwear brands like Stüssy and Nike.

For us, Passarella sat very neatly in the middle. It echoed the attention to fabrication of our existing brands, with organic cotton sourced from Japan, but also offered more playful and provocative prints you might see in designer or streetwear brands at the time. Passarella t-shirts became a staple for us in-store each season.

Fast-forward over 10 years, and we find ourselves calling on Passarella again. For those already familiar with the Passarella brand, it may not have been the most obvious fit for a collaboration in childrenswear. The brands often provocative prints don’t offer immediate synergy to kid’s t-shirts.  Instead, the infaant by Passarella collection looked to the DNA of Passarella archive, with art at the forefront of the story telling.

First and foremost, we wanted to create designs that our kids would want to wear. This is super important to us. As parents ourselves, it was the emerging style choices of our own youngsters that inspired the launch of the infaant brand. 

But with each print we also wanted to tell a story, be that the plight of an uprooted Leopard, or melting ‘I Love NY’. It might be 10 wears before kids’ question why our leopard is looking back, or maybe never at all. Yet, behind the playfulness of a leopard in a dinghy is an important message and more importantly, hope. We want our prints to prompt questions and support a better understanding of issues that will affect our children’s future.  The sooner we can impart this knowledge on our kids, the more time they have to make an impact.


Explore the infaant by Passarella collection here.

infaant By Passarella Leopard