'We humans have already heated the planet by roughly 1.1°C, largely by burning fossil fuels for energy. But what if climate change continues in this direction? It’ll be more than just hearts melting in New York'.


Introduced as part of our first series of prints with London-based brand Passarella, the 'Officially Melting - NY' print looks to playfully hijack the inquisitive mind of its young wearer, prompting questions that might support a greater understating of issues that could impact their world.  In this case, the rising temperatures of of our planet through our own excess. 

I Heart NY

©️ 2022 infaant By Passarella.

For this new collaboration range we have looked first to images that our kids will love to wear, but, each carrying a deeper message around issues that matter and might impact their future.  By prompting questions, we can share with them our own learnings, giving our kids the time and understanding to make an impact.

Most children, including our own, will continue to love their Disney or Superhero designs, but these won’t nurture the questions that matter.  Infaant will, which we see as a very good thing.  Our time to fix the world our kids will inherit is running out.  We want to support the next generation by supporting a mindset for change at an early age.

Whilst we adults might not have all the answers today, we can be sure that the most active young minds in the world, our kids, will have the questions.  

Our 'Officially Melting Tee' is made from 100% Organic Cotton in Portugal, with printing done locally in London.


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infaant By Passarella Officially Melting - NY Folded