Joining VEJA and Wood Wood Kids on-site, our last brand launch of AW22, is another favourite - Mr Maria.  The Amsterdam-based brand is one that we have followed here at infaant for some time, and across the team own a number of their lamps ourselves.  

Recognising the positivity and warmth that light can bring, Mr Maria curate a range of lamps, some recognisable some unique, but each offering a friendly companion for its owner and household.

Mr Maria Smiley Collection

Arguably the most iconic, the Mr Maria Smiley Lamp range , serve as a reminder as just how powerful a smile can be.  Available in 3-sizes from shelf-top to corner-hogging, each of the Smiley Lamps are deliberately tilted in their stature ensuring a personal greeting to anyone that enters their vicinity.  At 45cm tall, the Smiley XL Lamp is a bold feature piece for any household.

Mr Maria Nanuk Lamp_lifestyle

In addition to the Smiley Lamps, this season we have also launched with Nanuk, a lamp we simply couldn't resist buying.  A character created by the team at Mr Maris, the Nanuk is introduced as a Nordic Companion - a bundle of kindness and simplicity.  Seated on top of a stool, or unit, the Nanuk casts a calming light evenly through any room. 

What we love about this brand is the positivity that is stands for, using light not just to influence the space they are in, but also the people in that space too.  Friendly designs that offer calming and warming light in designs that themselves brighten the mood.  From experience we can say that that Mr Maria is a brand that the whole family will love and welcome as a life-long companion.