Weekend is here, Diary post day 5 and a belated Day 4.

'Some great news to start the day today.  In the run-up to Boxpark, I (stupidly in-hindsight) sent a tube that contained all the Season One original artworks, and 3 of the imminent launches coming this winter.  Now when I sent these to be framed I had this feeling - like a scene out of Final Destination, if there were ever a delivery to go wrong, it would be this one - and it did :(

For two agonising weeks its been daily calls to Royal Mail, (multiple) scheduled redeliveries (which never showed) and restless nights.  This all came to a head midweek when tracking said they had been delivered - only they hadn't been delivered to our man doing the framing, so we were still none the wiser.  Anyway to cut a long story short our framer received a knock at the door from a lovely old fellow on his electric scooter (not the new fancy types) who suspected this tube that had been delivered to him might actually be for our Roy - hurray!  I have no idea who this old man might be, but very thankful that he was one of the good ones and set off yesterday to deliver these on behalf of Royal Mail (who are probably on strike again).  Lesson learnt - don't send items of sentimental value in the post.  Anyway, I am very happy to say that as of tomorrow, all things going well, we should have the artwork in the pop-up, as intended - which makes me very happy.

The store this last couple of days has been a real pleasure.  To see the reaction to the range has just been the best.  The Human Behaviour prints featuring our animal friends have been a storm.  New people finding the brand, hearing the story and walking away with a piece of it.  It's good.

Today, we also welcomed to the store some friends of the brand via Insta @cloudr_and_me who we sent some product to a month to so back.  Meeting little Regan walking in with his Leopard Tee on was very cool.  A big thanks to Regan and his mum.  

Influencer in-store image

Other than that, I am super tired, excited for the weekend in the store, and after the number of requests this week pondering an adult range 🤔 (as well as our kids clothing).  Maybe not just yet, but sometime soon.  In the meantime be sure to take a look at our kids tees and kids sweatshirts.

Weekend is here. Lets see what you've got Boxpark Shoreditch. Ry x

Shoreditch Get Shit Done Paste-up

And lastly, graffiti of the day(s).  Again we've seen a lot and will do a dump of the faves across the week, but today's favourite is one that we nearly missed.  It's not graffiti as such, but even faded and a bit weather torn it is very cool in its surroundings (look closely).  Oh, and as this is a day 4 and 5 post, I have also dropped in a teeny-tiny Freddy Mercury that I come across :)

Shoreditch Wall Art

Freddy mercury Wall Art Shoreditch