Every brand has its story, but few are as inspiring of that of Lacoste.  Launching in SS23 at infaant, the brand is one we have worn ourselves for as long as we can remember and now a favourite of the little humans growing up around us.  Here is exactly what we love about it:

A wardrobe staple for many today, the brand was founded in 1933 by Rene Lacoste, a legend in the tennis world, but equally an innovator in fashion.  Causing outrage at the time, Rene stepped on to the court of the 1928 French Championship Final in a non-regulatory shirt, shortened sleeves and a lightweight fabric - the very first polo-shirt was born.

A few years later, the iconic croc logo was added, a symbol that embodied Rene's nickname 'The Alligator' and the first time that a logo had ever been added to the front of a garment.  A globally renowned brand today and a staple for many, the Lacoste range is a perfect fit for infaant, offering timeless classics of proven quality and in more recent years very publicly on a mission to reduce its footprint in-terms of its production. By 2026 all Lacoste products will be Eco-Responsible, no easy task for a brand on a global scale. 


infaant is joining the brand on this journey, offering a growing seasonal collection that celebrates each step, a curated offer of products purely from the brands growing eco collection - organic and recycled fabrics that mirror the same quality the brand has become renowned for.  Today, the brand is in the early stages of this journey, and as such, our range is small - buying purely from those areas of the collection that are already more ethically produced.  Next season, our collection grows as the brand itself moves forward in its mission, and the journey continues. 

Explore the SS23 collection here today with a tight selection of Lacoste Kids Hoodies, Sweats, Joggers and Shorts.  At the time of writing this we have just one polo in the range - why?  Well, this was the only one available in an organic fabric.  Could we be the only Lacoste retailer just now that doesn't have a collection full of polos?  Possibly :)