Here we are again, Day 3 (Day One & Two just here).

'Today felt like the first real day at Boxpark - no set-up or last-minute arrangements, more just settling in and finding our feet.  Meeting our neighbours and chatting to customers - good fun.

Boxpark itself opens at 11am, which is good as it gave a chance to drop the previous days web orders at the post office.  In typical Brick Lane style the Post Office doesn't open till 10am, so turning up at 9 gave me time for a coffee - which actually was very welcome after the last two days.  It was at this coffee shop that I met this little guy whose incredibly energetic welcome set me up for the day (in-addition to the coffee).  Can't remember his name for the life of me, but he was full of beans for sure.

Boston Terrier

My neighbours at the unit have all told me the same thing, as the week goes on the site just gets busier by-day, building to Saturday.  And, despite the showers earlier on in the day, today was busier for sure.  The stand out product without question today was the Together London Tee, which in-hindsight is no surprise given our location this week.  The last sale of the day was to a lovely lady from Barcelona taking a little bit of London home - which is very cool.

Seeing so many VEJA in and around the store this last few days its no surprise that we have seen a lot of interest in the kids collection we have in-store.  It's a brand that we love ourselves, so great to see the reaction from customers in-person - something actually I have missed, but maybe not realised it till now.  Possibly a permanent infaant store?

Shop Front Infaant Pop-up

So, today has been great, a busy store and lots of feedback on the range.  The day was finished with a Brick Lane Bagel which I have to say was pretty epic, alongside a beer.  Good times'.  Ry x

Graffiti of the day was hard today.  In the short walk to the post office, I saw a lot, but going to go for this - which on a bigger scale I don't think would have worked as well - but as it is, very cool.

East Graffiti Day 3